Inamorada Xmas Specials….sooooo chic!!!!

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Inamorada & Harrods

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You can find Inamorada now in Harrods!

INAMORADA friends are….all over the world :-))))

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We love INAMORADA summer bag!!!! LILLY BAG & Dress

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Thanks to all INAMORADA’s supporters who LOVE the Lilly Bag!!!! :-))

This handbag and carrier is perfect for a walk on the promenade, during a warm summer evening….


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INAMORADA introduces its Cruise & Red Carpet Collection….for fashion paws!!!

..once upon a time…this is where INAMORADA all started from… :-)

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once upon a time, Morada was a tiny puppy who inspired us to give her something special and unique…this is where INAMORADA couture all started from…

INAMORADA in the best pet boutiques worldwide

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INAMORADA is distributed by the most exclusive pet boutiques worldwide

INAMORADA will take part to the DOG FASHION NIGHT :-)) organized by DOGFATHER.IT

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Looking forward to meeting all our friends at the great event, organized by DOGFATHER.IT on 6.09.2012 in Milan ๐Ÿ™‚

Please meet our little, cute friend Tess! Tess, you’re gorgeous in your INAMORADA’s outfits :-)

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PERLE MEXICANE wear INAMORADA Winter Collection 2013

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We are proud to announce that the beautiful chihuahuas from PERLE MEXICANE owned by Adriana Melodoro are partner of Inamorada and testimonials of all our collections.